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Bring out you’re most attractive side with our barbershop & hairdressing services for men. We specialize in men care having a selection of the best products for beard care, as well as hair and skin care, therefore, we manage to accomplish a haircut that adapts to your characteristics and preferences but caring from within the necessities of your skin and dermis. At La Barbería del Norte we are at the forefront of the new aesthetic trends to advice you and outline your most current and striking facet.

Whether you are looking for a barbershop in Bilbao to get a new look or what you want is a space of expertise in male care where you can get advice and recommended the best treatments, here you will find what you are looking for.

Our team is formed by expert hairdressers and barbers that will put at your reach all of their knowledge in care and well-being and, therefore, achieve a perfect finish and completely adapted to your taste.


with the technical direction of Vicenç Moretó

We are more than just a male salon, we are a professional team with a clear aesthetic vocation that will help you find that look you want and enhance the best of yourself. Besides offering you different haircuts or hairstyles for any occasion, in La Barbería del Norte we can also advise and recommend the use of specific products for your hair type and, therefore, achieve a brilliant and hydrated look, and not a dense one.


Your space in our Barbershop

Besides offering you a specialized service in male care, in this male barbershop of Bilbao we also count with a space for events so that, this way we can also become a space for reunions and socializing amongst our clients. Therefore, we sporadically organize different events like for example, book presentations, wine tasting, clothing exhibitions, etc., which are being programmed in our salon and with which we attempt to create a point of encounter among our clients and their interests to become something more than just a regular salon: your male space in Bilbao.

In this sense, we are open to different proposals, events and exhibitions so if you have any idea or if you are looking for a space to put together some sort of special event you can contact us and we will see how we can put together what you are looking for. The idea is that our space will also be your space and that way, among all of us we can share different interests.


Address:  4 Euskalduna Street, BILBAO

Phone: +34 944 740 128


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