Are you looking for a barbershop in Bilbao? Look no more and come and discover La Barbería del Norte, a new salon of male care in which a professional qualified team will help you maximize the most attractive part of yourself.

Uniting the concept of the traditional barbershop with contemporary uses and the necessities that we have nowadays, this new space appears intended for the male beauty in which you’ll have a treatment like in the old barbers but with the comfort of nowadays. It’s about a retail store at the forefront that has wanted to recover the best of our history to inaugurate a new timeless space in which tradition and modernism go harmoniously by the hand.

Our professional team will be able to advise you and give you a few tricks to bring out your natural attractiveness in an easy and quick way. We rely on professionals that like the face to face interaction and the personalized attention to reminisce those old salons where men would go to shave their beards, cut their hair but also meet with their friends, exchange opinions and, in definite, live a moment of socialization and friendship.

This is also the will of La Barbería del Norte since, in addition to our services of aesthetic and personal care, we offer a multifunctional space thought to host different events like for example book presentations, fashion showroom, art exhibitions, etc. We want to be your place of reference for your personal care and also for your personal and social delight.


The idea of opening La Barbería del Norte came up after having gone on various occasion to Bilbao to offer education and master class and being a witness to the fact that in this city there was not a space of this kind. After talking to different people and exchanging points of view, we decided that the bilbainian man was missing a space meant for him, for his care, his fun and enjoyment. A place in which he can be himself, in which he can be comfortable like in his own house and in which he can also enhance his attractiveness as he discovers the new paths in which the world of the male aesthetic moves.

That is why we opened this barbershop in Bilbao, the first authentic barbershop that you will find in the city and that it is, at the same time, a traditional and modern barbershop. We took the best of each era to unify it and achieve a new concept of male salon where you are what is most important. Not only do we want to do your hair or care for your skin but also we want to get to know you, advise you and leave you with a feeling that La Barbería del Norte is also a little part of you.


To achieve that you get the feeling of feeling like home, the interior design with which we have acclimated our space is cared for to the last detail. We use current materials to get a cozy and intimate space, but also we remember our past incorporating some traditional elements that always remind us who we are and where we come from. Because, no matter how much time passes by, we don’t have to leave our roots aside nor reject that which made and allowed us to be where we are and how we are. We are very conscious of that and we know how to appreciate the best of the past but also the best of the present.

Here precisely is where the philosophy of our barbershop lies, in the unity between yesterday and today that allow us to feel like we are at home without having to give up the commodities or the greatest innovations of our time.


The first thing you are going to find is a motivated team of professional experts in the world of male care and that will help you bring out the best of yourself. A group of experienced barbers, hairdressers and experts in aesthetics, which will put all of their knowledge at your hands.

But even more, we offer a great variety of salon services and male care so that you leave our salon as a new you. In our services we distinguish:

Beard arrangement: every day we see more men with bushy beards that require a specific care and a constant arrangement. We take care that it’s always perfect and that you can show off your beard in its entire splendor.

Shave: if you rather have your face shaved, smooth and without hair, in our space we also offer shaves of all kinds using also the best products for skin care and the male complexion.

Haircuts: the changes of look is one of our strong points, and even more, in the moment in which we are that men are starting to try new haircuts, styles and risky hairstyles, modern and attractive ones. Our team can advise you what hairstyle is the best for you according to your preferences and physiognomy.

In La Barbería del Norte you will find a place meant for you in which you’ll be able to feel like at home. Come and meet us!

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