La Barbería del Norte project came up when, after several trips to Bilbao, we noticed that the city was missing a male barbershop that was at the forefront of the necessities and the current uses. It was necessary that men could have a space in their city in which they could fix their image, care for their hair and find a meeting point in which to share interests and hobbies. This is why we have opened the first original Bilbao barbershop that is, at the same time, a traditional concept in male care, but also a modern and very current concept.

The interior of our barbershop denotes that mix between the classic and modern world with a design carefully detailed and very cozy. The people that will welcome you are barbers 100% involved in your cares and with great knowledge in the world of male aesthetics. Amongst our services you will find, always accompanied by our advice, from traditional haircuts to others more current, beard arrangements, shaves and well-being rituals that will achieve that you feel even better than in your own home.

Vicenç Moretó


This 42-year-old Barcelonan has dedicated half of his life to the world of barbershop. Besides being a barber, he is also a trainer and consultant so you will get a personalized and perfect consulting so that the result will be what you expect. Thanks to his trainer facet he’s been able to visit many European countries thanks to which he has also learned the new trends and paths in which fashion moves.

In Barcelona he also has his own barbershop that, actually has become a reference both nationally and internationally. During his career he’s been awarded with different awards like Despuntan Award 2013, Creativity Star, and Q for quality in the project The Q hair and has been a finalist to “Barber of the year 2013” and “Best barber of the year in Spain in 2014” for Barberiasconencanto.

Adrià Lladó

General Manager

Born in Barcelona, Adrià is responsible for the management of La Barbería del Norte and all of the qualified professional team. He studied Engineering but his entrepreneur spirit has always preceded, and this, united to his passion for the male care and image has made him throughout his life be the captain of different projects and business. From a meeting with Vicenç the idea of opening this barbershop in Bilbao came up combining their individual knowledge.

The illusion, the strength and the desire for this project has already given its results, and that’s why La Barbería del Norte is up and standing. A project that was born from a dream and that now has become a reality, thanks to the talent of two men experts in the world of male care. The result? A new barbershop concept, with a young innovative vision to offer the people of Bilbao a space totally different and ground breaking.

Luis Barba


If you have to talk about the beginnings of Luis Barba you could say that he was born between hair, combs and scissors, from a family with a hairdresser tradition in Ciudad Real, he was related to the profession from a young age, working in the family hairdresser until he decided to specialize in the world of the male care in Madrid, where in a formation with Vicenç Moretó he highlighted, which made him to move to Barcelona and train with Vicenç and later join the team.

Always aware of the new male trends and to this day we have him to full performance in Bilbao.

Dany Juan León

Director Artístico y Barber

Dany started to get interested in the world of barbershop when he was only 16 years old. It all began because he started shaving his beard and then he realized how much he liked to change looks, retouching his hairstyle, letting it grow out, etc. He got excited with the multiple possibilities that can be achieved profiling and improving the beard achieving a current look, clean and attractive. It caught his attention so much that he ended up becoming his family’s and friend’s barber.

He decided to become a professional in this field in 2009 studying an FPO specialized in hairdressing, specializing in the improvement in gentlemen. Just as he finished his studies, he began his professional career as a barber that accompanies him to this day. Currently he works at La Barbería del Norte being part of a passionate, qualified professional team committed to the male care and beauty sector. His motto “To share is to grow” so come and meet Dani, ask him for advice and soak up on his knowledge and optimism.

Mario Martínez


Originally from Briviesca (Burgos) he started male hairdresser studies in 2012, never stopped working since then, and specializing in barber services which drove him the most, attended many courses, and finished his formation as a barber 3 years ago.

With an always-changing personal image and keeping an eye to all of the new barber trends.

Xabier Elorz

Barber apprentice

He is the newest member of our team, even being the youngest he has the barber trade inside of him.

Since the first haircuts to his friends, going thorguh many barber courses, and a stay in London he started working in Pamplona and then moved to Bilbao to train and work with us.


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